Mobile Citizen


Working with nonprofits, social welfare agencies and schools to advance social equity through access and close the digital divide

Mobile Citizen, a Voqal initiative, aims to help bridge the digital divide by reducing the costs associated with Internet access for nonprofits, social welfare agencies and schools, allowing organizations to invest more in their mission and the people they serve. Mobile Citizen was created via a unique, 30-year partnership with CLEAR — now a part of Sprint.

Transitioning to LTE

Sprint recently confirmed that it plans to decommission the WiMAX network on or around November 6, 2015 and transition it to Sprint’s 4G LTE network. We are committed to working on behalf of our partners to navigate this upcoming transition. While specific details have not been finalized, we want you to know that our commitment to providing you with a low-cost Internet offer and mobile, 24/7 connectivity remains unchanged. Even as technology and networks evolve, our goal to close the digital divide in America remains constant. For more information please visit the Mobile Citizen LTE Transition page.