Frequently Asked Questions


LTE Transition

When will the LTE transition occur?

Sprint recently confirmed that it plans to decommission the WiMAX network on or around November 6, 2015 and transition it to Sprint’s 4G LTE network.

I just purchased new equipment back in November. Are you saying I have to replace it? 

When Sprint decommissions the WiMAX network and transitions to LTE, the WiMAX equipment you currently have will not be compatible with the new LTE network. Unfortunately, that means you will have to replace your equipment.
We are still working out the terms of the transition with Sprint, including the equipment upgrade process and costs. As soon as we have agreed on the details, we will release the information immediately. This transition impacts all of our partners, and Mobile Citizen is committed to negotiating the best deal possible for our resellers and direct customers.

Will there be any service interruption? If so, how much time will I be without service in the switch from WiMAX to LTE?

When the transition timeline is determined, we will immediately notify all of our resellers and direct customers with more specific information, including the expected duration of any interrupted service. We are committed to working with Sprint to minimize any gap in service.

I am a direct customer. If I renew now, and am not satisfied with the transition timeline, new service or cost of new equipment, can I ask for a refund at any time before my next renewal period? Will there be a cutoff date where Mobile Citizen won’t refund?

We are offering the LTE Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to all of our direct customers. If you renew now under the current WiMAX service, you can choose to transition to LTE or choose to end service when WiMAX is no longer available.

If you choose to continue with LTE, you will have 30 days from the date of transition to cancel service and return LTE equipment for any reason. We will refund your remaining pre-paid service and the cost of the LTE equipment (minus shipping).

If you choose to terminate your contract instead of transitioning, you will be refunded for your remaining pre-paid service. Refunds for WiMAX equipment are not currently available.

I've experienced maintenance outages in the past; how will I distinguish a temporary maintenance outage from the termination of WiMAX service?

We intend to notify all resellers and direct customers regarding the transition timeline for their market as soon as soon as Sprint finalizes the logistics.

If you experience an outage that doesn’t seem typical, please contact a Customer Service Representative by emailing a support request or calling 877.216.9603. We are in constant communications with Sprint’s technical team, and they should be able to tell us if it is a temporary issue or if it is related to the LTE transition.

I have noticed diminished speeds and less accessibility lately; is this due to the decommissioning of WiMAX towers in my city?

There could be several reasons for diminished speeds and accessibility. If you have concerns, please contact our customer care team. We can troubleshoot to determine if your connection issues may be related to WiMAX tower decommissions. If you are not in an area of tower decommissions, we can work together to eliminate other reasons for reduced performance.

Whenever possible, Sprint has promised to notify Mobile Citizen before they decommission a tower so that we can work with resellers and direct customers to prepare for it.

I heard about other companies that offers rates and service similar to yours, except they already sell Sprint LTE modems and service. Why can't you?

Each organization negotiates unique terms and contracts with Sprint. We are actively working with Sprint regarding the programs and devices Mobile Citizen can provide to our resellers and direct customers, but the details have not yet been finalized.

Customer Service

What's the difference between a direct customer and a reseller?

A direct customer is an organization that meets our eligibility requirements by being either a nonprofit, social welfare agency or educational entity and purchases Mobile Citizen to use directly within the organization. Direct customers are not permitted to resell Mobile Citizen services.

A reseller is an organization that meets our eligibility requirements by being either a nonprofit, social welfare agency or educational entity and purchases Mobile Citizen with the intention of reselling it to qualified end-users.

Please note, Mobile Citizen does not sell directly to individuals.

How does my organization set up accounts with Mobile Citizen?

Mobile Citizen offers its mobile Internet service to any qualified educational, social welfare or nonprofit organizations in Mobile Citizen’s coverage area. Accounts are available with a service agreement from Mobile Citizen. Modems can also be purchased at the time of account setup.

Special Note: Sprint is building a new LTE network and will deactivate the current WiMAX network on or around Nov. 6, 2015. Because the timeline and cost of the new technology associated with this network build has not been finalized by Sprint, Mobile Citizen is not currently taking any new orders. This is a temporary decision until more is known about the LTE transition.

What type of organizations will benefit from Mobile Citizenship mobile Internet services?

NonProfit Organizations
Nonprofit organizations that want a low cost broadband alternative to cable or DSL, who work in digital divide initiatives, as well as field-based staff (health service providers, social service agencies, community organizations) who need mobile Internet access in order to be more productive.

K12 school districts, higher education and distance learning institutions that need affordable, secure mobile access to online educational curriculum, and teachers who want to integrate mobility into learning experiences as a new way to inspire students.

Social Welfare Agencies
Social welfare agencies serving beneficiaries struggling with digital inclusion or in need of low cost broadband alternatives to cable or DSL in order to complete their mission.

My organization wants to make a change to our account. How do we do that?

For account inquiries and technical support please contact a Customer Service Representative by emailing a support request or calling 877.216.9603.

How will Mobile Citizen bill my organization?

The billing terms for your organization are outlined in your account agreement. For questions or concerns or to discuss options please contact a Customer Service Representative by emailing a support request or calling 877.216.9603.

Who provides customer service and billing for Mobile Citizen customers?

Customer service and billing support for Mobile Citizen customers is provided by Mobile Citizen. For billing questions, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 877.216.9603 or email.


Can my organization try Mobile Citizen Services before we purchase accounts?

Mobile Citizen offers a 30-day refund of the mobile Internet service to any qualified educational, social welfare or nonprofit organizations in Mobile Citizen’s coverage area.

What type of advisory services does Mobile Citizen offer education, social welfare and nonprofit organizations?

To help schools, social welfare agencies and nonprofits successfully deploy and optimize their own mobile broadband initiative, Mobile Citizen offers personalized advisory services including:

  • Strategic planning support
  • Assistance with grant proposals
  • Customized pilot and full scale roll-out assistance
  • Security best practices for mobile broadband initiatives
  • Professional development workshops for mobile broadband initiatives

If you would like to request our personalized advisory service, or purchase the mobile broadband service, you can contact us by email or phone at 877.216.9603.

What services does Mobile Citizen offer?

Mobile Citizen offers mobile Internet service exclusively to education, social welfare and nonprofit organizations at remarkably low cost. With features like secure, reliable, high performance connections; no phone or cable requirements; anytime/anywhere access and favorable service pricing, Mobile Citizen wireless broadband is a more affordable and more flexible alternative to cable, DSL and 3G data services. Mobile Citizen offers unlimited Internet usage allowing users to stay online as long as they want without worrying about overage charges.

Where are Mobile Citizen mobile Internet services available?

Mobile Citizen is available wherever CLEAR has coverage. Use our coverage map to check whether your city is covered.


Who provides technical support for Mobile Citizen customers?

Technical support is available for all Mobile Citizen customers. This includes questions related to activation, modem setup and software updates. Call technical support toll-free at 877.216.9603.

What is the partnership between Mobile Citizen, CLEAR and Sprint?

Mobile Citizen was created via a unique, 30-year partnership with CLEAR — now a part of Sprint. In 2006, CLEAR entered into a 30-year excess capacity agreement with the five EBS licensees which established Mobile Citizen. This agreement allows Mobile Citizen to offer advanced mobile broadband service exclusively to schools, social welfare agencies and nonprofits, helping to further learning and productivity by providing Internet access beyond the classroom or office. Mobile Citizen has been providing its low-cost mobile Internet services since 2009.

What educational, social welfare and nonprofit organizations can subscribe to the Mobile Citizen service?

Mobile Citizen offers its mobile Internet service to any qualified educational, social welfare or nonprofit organizations in Mobile Citizen’s coverage area.