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Mobile Citizen provides low-cost mobile Internet exclusively for schools and nonprofit organizations.

We are funded by five non-profit foundations that have been committed to bringing technology to the education and non-profit communities for over 25 years. In 2006, these foundations entered into a unique, 30-year partnership agreement with CLEAR that allows them to offer CLEAR’s cutting-edge mobile Internet service exclusively to schools and non-profit organizations.

Featured Partner: CLEAR

CLEAR operates the nation’s first 4G wireless Internet network. Its cutting-edge technology and staggering amount of bandwidth allow you to stream videos, upload presentations and video chat from wherever you are at speeds you won’t believe. www.clear.com

Management Team

John Schwartz, Founder and President
Michelle Warner, Director
John Kennedy, Community Development Manager

Foundation Partners

Chicago Instructional Technology Foundation, Inc. (CITF)
Denver Area Educational Telecommunications Consortium, Inc. (DAETC)
Instructional Telecommunications Foundation, Inc. (ITF)
Portland Regional Educational Telecommunications Corporation, Inc. (PRETC)
Twin Cities Schools' Telecommunications Group, Inc. (TCSTG)