Mobile Citizen, a Voqal initiative, aims to advance social equity through access. We believe that making high-quality mobile Internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public and ultimately a more equitable democracy. We offer high-speed mobile Internet at a remarkably low cost to nonprofits, schools and social welfare agencies. Mobile Citizen was created via a unique, 30-year partnership with CLEAR — now a part of Sprint.

Featured Partner: Sprint

Mobile Citizen currently provides Internet service on the Sprint 4G LTE network.

Management Team

John Schwartz, Founder and President
Cassie Bair, Chief Business Development Executive
Scott Adams, Operations Manager
Lisa Reed, Controller
Molly Fohn, Anchor Institutions Program Manager
Chris Artem, Account Manager
John Kennedy, Partner and Sales Manager

Mobile Citizen is funded by Voqal, a consortium of five nonprofit organizations committed to bringing technology to the education and nonprofit communities for over 25 years.