For Education

For Education

Mobile Citizen changes the way students learn

See how Mobile Citizen has helped other schools like yours do more with less.

Think about the places mobile Internet could take your school

Mobile Citizen accounts enable your school to:

  • Extend the day with unique after school programs new content
  • Connect groups of teachers for professional development
  • Enhance administrative staff productivity
  • Provide distance learning programs
  • Access connectivity during field trips
  • Complement 1:1 computing initiatives
  • Connect traveling students during their commutes
  • Bring your own ideas or initiatives to life

Our Service Pledge to you

Mobile Citizen is in this to see the difference you can make by re-imagining the way you work. Our commitment begins the moment you order. We will partner with you to:

  • Get your equipment up and running and keep it up and running if issues arise along the way
  • Train your staff on best practices
  • Share case studies and success stories that will inspire your next project
  • And anything and everything else in between.