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On a Mission to Achieve Digital Equity and End the Digital Divide

Mobile Citizen offers high-speed wireless Internet access with unlimited data to schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies throughout the U.S. We believe that making quality mobile Internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public, and ultimately a more equitable democracy.

Digital Equity for Schools: Teacher & school students using internet on computer

Internet Service with Mobile Citizen

Take advantage of Mobile Citizen WiFi hotspots and reliable, high-speed Internet access with unlimited data on the T-Mobile network. With no penalties or overage charges, your organization won’t have to worry about limiting the amount of data being used by the people you serve. Apply now to see if your organization qualifies for a Mobile Citizen Unlimited Plan.

Students Using Low-Cost Internet on Computer from School; Mobile Hotspots for Schools


Enhance student equity and remote learning success by bridging gaps in home internet access.

Woman in wheelchair in library; Internet & Mobile Hotspots for Libraries


Give patrons a reliable means of getting online wherever they are by adding hotspot lending programs.

Nonprofit using Low-Cost Internet for telehealth with mother; Mobile Hotspots for Nonprofits


Strengthen your organization’s outreach and promote digital equity in the communities you serve.

Family using tablet thanks to a Mobile Hotspots from Social Welfare Agencies

Social Welfare

Help people thrive by connecting them to important online services and support groups.

Promoting Digital Equity: Team of diverse happy people

Digital Equity

Mobile Citizen is committed to digital equity, inclusion, and ending the digital divide by supporting organizations across the country with low-cost Internet.

By leveraging Internet services from Mobile Citizen, our customers have helped thousands of individuals across the country gain access to educational, professional, and interpersonal opportunities online.

Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project, believes that making reliable mobile Internet available at an affordable price contributes to an engaged public and ultimately a more equitable democracy.

Together, we can advance digital equity, inclusion, and close the digital divide.

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We partner with schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare
organizations to advance digital equity and inclusion and end the digital divide.

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