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Internet for Healthcare Nonprofits:

Supporting Healthcare Nonprofits and Social Welfare Agencies as They Advance Their Mission of Healthcare Equity

Mobile Hotspots for Healthcare Nonprofits

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege, and through the work of healthcare nonprofits, it can cease to be one.

We can ensure that underserved and at-risk communities are able to receive the services and care they need by increasing access to the Internet. Not only can healthcare nonprofits use Internet for telehealth, telemedicine, and remote care, but they can also use Internet devices and services to improve the overall well-being of those they serve.

Mobile Citizen’s Internet for healthcare nonprofits enables you to provide your services to more people irrespective of their time, income, or travel limitations. Together, we can work toward our common mission to bridge inequities caused by the digital divide.

Mother Using Low-cost Internet for Healthcare Meeting with Doctor
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Internet Services and Wi-Fi Hotspots for Healthcare Nonprofits

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, some of the biggest challenges in healthcare equity stem from geographical limitations including transportation. The Foundation also lists limited provider and pharmacy availability, lack of community engagement, and stress as some of the biggest contributors to healthcare inequity.

Combine this with the National Institute of Medicine’s finding that lack of Internet connectivity and budget considerations hinder the implementation of telehealth, and you will quickly see that healthcare equity relies heavily on access to the Internet.

Mobile Citizen’s Internet for healthcare nonprofits is a reliable way to connect patients, doctors, and remote staff to the Internet and to each other.

By using the Internet for telehealth, your healthcare nonprofit or social welfare agency can help advance communication between providers and communities, and enable patients to learn more about their health conditions. In addition, your healthcare nonprofit can also empower patients to use mobile hotspots to potentially connect with support groups and stay in touch with their peers. The benefits of Internet for healthcare nonprofits don’t end there. They can equip your team to be more effective in their mission to deliver quality healthcare. Without access to the Internet, telehealth can’t exist.

What Mobile Citizen’s Internet for Healthcare Nonprofits Can Do for Your Organization

On the one hand, telehealth and telemedicine penetration has helped more people gain access to the healthcare they need. On the other hand, however, existing disparities in digital access threaten to exacerbate healthcare inequities.

While telehealth has enabled healthcare nonprofits to prevent the healthcare gap from widening, budget, accessibility, and infrastructure-related challenges continue to limit the scope of their work.

Affordable and reliable Internet for healthcare nonprofits can be an impactful tool for your organization to provide your services to communities that need them while equipping your teams to be more effective. Contact us to get started on bridging the gap between healthcare and Internet access today.


Mobile Citizen’s Internet for Healthcare Nonprofits Can Help Your Organization:

Nurse Using Internet for Healthcare Nonprofits with Senior Woman

  • Enable your on-site and remote teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively through mobile hotspots for telehealth
  • Expand the reach of your services to underserved and under-connected communities by equipping patients with reliable, low-cost Internet hotspots that they can use to stay connected to their providers, families, and peers
  • Facilitate collaboration between different healthcare providers irrespective of their location so they can combine their knowledge and learning to provide better services to patients
  • Ensure your team can stay connected with their patients irrespective of infrastructure, distance, time, and cost challenges
  • Increase the number of people that opt for virtual healthcare and consequently widen the impact your healthcare nonprofit makes
  • Improve patient satisfaction and overall health standards in the communities your healthcare nonprofit serves

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