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Who We Serve


Enabling Your Programs, Empowering Your Mission

We provide access to the tools you need for the communities you serve with high speed Internet. That’s why diverse nonprofits across the country are leveraging wireless internet and mobile hotspot devices as powerful tools to enable or extend their programs and initiatives. Together, by empowering the ability for all us to connect, we can reach more people who are underserved and in need.

Internet for Nonprofits Team Meeting

Partnering with Nonprofits for Digital Equity

Mobile Citizen’s Internet service and Wi-Fi hotspots provide nonprofits with the tools they need to support their initiatives and unlock opportunities for diverse members of communities across the country who might otherwise not have access to affordable connectivity options. With the help of Mobile Citizen, nonprofits can empower those they serve and help more people in need, as they raise awareness for their cause through our Internet service for nonprofit organizations.

Man with a Nonprofit Organization using Low-Cost Internet
Latest Nonprofit Case Study
Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico is a distribution hub that serves a network of hunger relief organizations across the state. Besides food, the nonprofit also provides tablets and Mobile Citizen Internet hots...

Connecting People and Communities

We are committed to working with nonprofits by helping to connect diverse people and communities. While the Internet has become a necessity to navigate society today, many people in communities across the United States are being left behind as the majority of services and communications have moved online. Without reliable Internet access and digital equity, far too many people are not afforded the same opportunities as those who do have access to Internet connectivity.

By partnering with nonprofit organizations, we are able to help ensure that more people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and background, have the opportunity and ability to access the Internet. Reliable, high-speed Internet access can change lives. Whether it be safeguarding students’ access to educational resources and remote learning capabilities, or providing access to telehealth services, or diversity and inclusion training, everyday we partner with nonprofit organizations across the country to create Internet equality and bridge the disparity of opportunity. Join our mission to create a more inclusive, equitable society.

What Mobile Citizen can do for your nonprofit organization:

Mobile Citizen connectivity allows your organization to:

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  • Empower field-based staff and volunteers through mobile hotspots, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration between main offices and field workers
  • Connect community-based training programs and promote digital equity, enabling people to have the tools to find employment opportunities, secure telehealth services, learn new skills, and manage their finances
  • Enable efficient event registration and implementation through our Internet service for nonprofit organizations
  • Access forms and databases off-site using mobile hotspots to facilitate remote work capabilities for staff and volunteers
  • Overcome infrastructure challenges and bolster outreach efforts with reliable Internet connection and backup solutions
  • Enhance staff and member productivity and efficiency