Social Welfare Agencies

Helping People to Help Themselves

As a social welfare agency, you recognize individual access to the internet is critical, now more than ever before due to COVID-19. From continuing education, job applications, school grades and more, the internet enables people to connect and move ahead in life. Together, we can provide internet to the people that need it the most.

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What Mobile Citizen can do for your organization

Mobile Citizen internet access empowers those you serve to:

  • Stay connected 24/7 from home (or wherever it’s needed)
  • Participate in digital literacy programs
  • Apply for other welfare services
  • Close the homework gap for children
  • Increase job skills
  • Enhance overall productivity

Affordable Wireless Internet and Hotspots

As low as $10/month

4G LTE Internet

No Throttling

No Overage Charges