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This article was published on: June 30, 2023

Resourceful, effective, and ambitious — these are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of nonprofit organizations. From education, to healthcare, to environmental conservation, to mobile animal rescue, there is no facet of community that isn’t attended to and elevated by nonprofits. Despite being integral to several causes and […]

Teen using mobile hotspot lending programs for summer school
This article was published on: April 26, 2023

In an age in which online resources have become essential to education and enrichment year-round, kids with insufficient home Internet access during the summer are at risk of lagging farther behind their well-connected peers with each passing year. In response, mobile hotspot Internet for schools and summer camps is in demand, and many public libraries […]

Net Inclusion 2023 in San Antonio, TX
This article was published on: February 15, 2023

As a proud sponsor of Net Inclusion 2023, we’re excited to join hundreds of broadband organizations, tech leaders and practitioners exploring the latest digital inclusion resources and promising broadband initiatives on the horizon. This year’s gathering takes place in San Antonio, Texas from February 28 – March 2. Tickets (if still available) can be found […]

Telehealth meeting with nurse in scrubs talking to patient on laptop
This article was published on: November 11, 2022

Several factors, such as income disparity, racial inequity, and education inequality have long been obstacles to our goal of achieving healthcare equity in the United States. Credit: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels   As the use of telehealth exploded during the height of the pandemic, it seemed to break down barriers to healthcare. For instance, the […]

Library Mobile Hotspot Lending Programs
This article was published on: October 28, 2022

There was a time, just a few decades ago, when everyone thought the advent of the Internet would mean a decline in libraries. It may seem ironic then that this age of worldwide connectivity via the Internet is also a time when libraries have seen a surge in popularity and support. If we look just […]

This article was published on: September 30, 2022

Social welfare agencies are working to bridge all kinds of gaps. They promote the economic and social wellbeing of community members by offering financial assistance, health care services, youth safety programs, affordable housing, school readiness, and more. But what about gaps in Internet access? The Covid 19 pandemic shed a bright light on how vital […]