Aspiritech is a world-class software testing and quality assurance (QA) nonprofit corporation. It’s also on a mission to empower individuals with autism by providing meaningful employment and social opportunities. Aspiritech was founded by Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg whose adult son Oran had difficulties finding work to suit his talents. They began researching opportunities and discovered a testing firm in Denmark that employed adults on the autism spectrum in the QA industry.

“We found a company in Denmark that was making an incredible difference in the lives of adults with autism. These adults are highly intelligent, motivated and want to contribute to society just like everyone else. What they lack are the opportunities and social settings that accommodate their unique needs,” said Moshe. “We wanted to provide meaningful employment to adults on the autism spectrum that can be a good fit for this industry.”

It was then and there that Brenda and Moshe decided to launch Aspiritech, which today serves small, as well as Fortune 500, industry-leading companies. Aspiritech actively hires adults with autism and currently has nearly 130 employees, working on 15 to 20 different projects daily, for 10 to 12 major customers. With services focusing on software and hardware quality assurance testing, Aspiritech’s network must always be connected and trustworthy. That’s where Mobile Citizen’s hotspot devices and affordable wireless internet service become especially critical – by providing alternative and reliable technology that many nonprofit organizations need to run effectively and smoothly.

“Some of the companies we work with don’t have in-house QA teams. They rely on us to help ensure the success of their products or software so that they can guarantee an optimum experience for their customers. If our network fails, our clients’ businesses suffer,” said Moshe. “Using Mobile Citizen’s hotspots and internet service, we have the backup technology we need to ensure continuous business should our primary network go down or is unavailable.”

When Aspiritech goes offsite or works in places without a secure Wi-Fi network, such as hotels or airports, Aspiritech uses the Mobile Citizen hotspots to prevent any kind of security breach. All of Aspiritech’s customers utilize Aspiritech’s QA testing to enhance their products or services. These customers require reliable testing to assure seamless rollouts of new features and software upgrades on their coveted products. So, when Aspiritech’s primary network goes down or when work is being conducted from a remote location, they rely on Mobile Citizen’s program for a secure backup connection.

Aspiritech, founded in 2008, began using Mobile Citizen’s technology program in November 2015 to minimize the risks associated with downtime that would contribute to disruptions in workflows and time-sensitive deadlines. Since then, Aspiritech has added products to grow their capability to have fast, reliable mobile internet service.

Aspiritech’s advanced crisis preparation paid off during a real-life rainy day. Their network unexpectedly went down after a massive flood on the main floor of their office complex in Highland Park, Ill. This could have been a catastrophic event in terms of derailing sensitive projects and tight timelines as well as a significant financial loss, however, the technology acquired through Mobile Citizen allowed Aspiritech to stay up and running. Despite the flooding and through the storm, Aspiritech’s workforce had the connectivity required to continue serving their clients.

“This one incident alone saved us close to $100,000.00,” said Moshe. “Plus potential immeasurable damage to our reputation that may have ensued if we were not able to complete our projects on schedule.”

While Aspiritech does not need to use technology provided by Mobile Citizen every day, they know how important this technology is to guarantee a successful, sustainable future as a trusted leader in QA services. “We don’t have to use it often, thankfully, but when we do, it is critical. We feel at ease knowing that devices and remote internet access from Mobile Citizen’s program are there for us whether we are on the go or in an emergency,” said Moshe.