The Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) strengthens communities by uniting government, business, neighborhoods and individual initiatives. One example of the powerful impacts of such collaboration is KEYSPOT, a citywide initiative to bridge the digital divide in Philadelphia.

KEYSPOT, which brings free Internet access, computer classes and training to all Philadelphia neighborhoods, is led by the Urban Affairs Coalition, Drexel University and the City of Philadelphia and facilitated by social service, education and civic organizations throughout the community.

Mobile Citizen, who for the past year has partnered with KEYSPOT to offer its low-cost, mobile Internet service to program participants, joined KEYSPOT as the signature project at the 2013 Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service. As the mobile Internet provider for KEYSPOT, Mobile Citizen was able to further extend UAC’s program by bringing affordable Internet access to Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) residents in need.

“Having a laptop without the Internet is like having a light bulb without electricity. With affordable Internet, we are getting people online which means more people in our community can pay bills, order medicine and apply for jobs.”

— Kate Rivera , UAC Project Director