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Digital Inclusion Week Celebrates Solutions

This article was published on:
October 4, 2021

Mobile Citizen supports DIW 2021#DIW2021 week is here! As a proud sponsor of @netinclusion, we’re joining orgs across the country in recognizing the importance of #digitalequityNOW and pathways to digital empowerment.

It’s exciting to be a part of this movement as we work to bridge, and then close, the digital equity gap. So many organizations came together for this national event to create toolkits for digital inclusion practitioners. You can find kits to host events, engage officials, and create digital literacy classes. Be sure to check them out

Digital empowerment means expanding access to skills training, internet and devices for everyone. Mobile Citizen has been providing affordable Internet access and hotspots to schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social service agencies for years. These organizations are solving digital inclusion challenges every day. You can learn about their creative approaches on the Mobile Citizen website

We believe strongly in #digitalequityNOW and are proud to be an active supporter.