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Make a Difference During Digital Inclusion Week

This article was published on:
October 2, 2019

With your support, help and voice we can move closer to a world where all people, including the most disadvantaged or at-risk, have access to the internet and the technology they need to use it. October 7-11 is Digital Inclusion Week, an effort to raise awareness about the digital inequities and initiatives underway across the United States and around the globe to impact change, as well as to celebrate progress.

Because advancing social equity by helping to make the internet accessible and affordable to all is our primary mission, Mobile Citizen is proud to sponsor this year’s Digital Inclusion Week. As such, we strongly encourage you to amplify and take part by creating or finding an event in your community that helps to build inclusion. Of course, you can also join the conversation on social media all week long by using the hashtags #digitalinclusion and #digitalequityis.

There are many more ways that you can participate and make a difference throughout the week and beyond. Visit to learn how.