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Case Study

Staff Mobility, Capital Budget Relief

Anti-Cruelty Society
Chicago, IL

The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s largest and oldest, open-admission humane society, received a grant from Humana Chicago Benefits, enabling them to upgrade their animal intake and tracking process. Great news if they had the infrastructure to support it. Unfortunately their 1933 office building, with a poor data infrastructure, presented a challenge. The renovation needed to implement traditional technology was going to cost up to $55,000. Mobile Internet access was the only affordable solution on which to deploy their new, and much needed intake/tracking system.

With CLEAR from Mobile Citizen, The Anti-Cruelty Society not only saved the organization thousands of dollars in unnecessary implementation and renovation costs, but added productivity worth more than $100,000 annually . Their six veterinarians, who are paid $50/hour, gained more than 1.5 hours of productive time each day due to the efficiency of real-time, mobile access to data and resources.

The benefits didn’t stop there. More than 30 veterinary assistants enjoy increased productivity because of this shared access. The Society’s Field service investigators, who are called upon to pick up unwanted animals and investigate complaints of cruelty, neglect and abuse, also benefit from access to mobile Internet, particularly in emergency situations.