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The Best Internet Affordability Program For Your Social Welfare Agency

This article was published on:
May 10, 2024

Internet access is not just a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. For social welfare agencies tasked with assisting vulnerable populations, ensuring access to the internet can be a vital lifeline. To address this concern, implementing a reliable internet affordability program. is essential.

However, the cost of internet service can be prohibitive for individuals and families already struggling to make ends meet. That’s where internet affordability programs come into play, offering subsidized or discounted rates to eligible participants.

We are committed to helping you find the best internet affordability program for your social welfare agency, empowering you to serve your community better.

Mobile Citizen — Who Are We? 

Mobile Citizen, a Voqal project, provides budget-friendly mobile internet with unlimited data plans exclusively to nonprofit organizations, educational entities, libraries, and social welfare agencies.

Voqal, on the other hand, is a philanthropic organization committed to advancing social equity and supporting nonprofits addressing systemic inequities.

Additionally, Voqal invests in initiatives aimed at closing the educational opportunity gap by providing affordable internet for low-income communities. Supported by a collective effort of nationwide EBS (Educational Broadband Service) licensees, Mobile Citizen’s internet service actively promotes social equity and ensures affordable internet access for all.

How Can We Help Social Welfare Agencies? 

As a social welfare agency, we understand the critical importance of individual internet access, particularly heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transitioning from education to job applications and beyond, the internet facilitates connections and advancement in various aspects of life. Together, we can ensure internet access for those who need it most.

Moreover, our service imposes fewer eligibility restrictions on disadvantaged or at-risk groups, ensuring accessibility and attainability for all. Together, we can ensure internet access by reaching the underserved with our affordable internet plans.

By promoting digital equity and inclusion, agencies empower communities to pursue goals and fulfill dreams more easily.

Mobile Citizen offers high-speed mobile internet with unlimited data at an affordable annual cost of approximately $120, exclusively catering to schools, libraries, nonprofits, and social welfare agencies.

Each hotspot can connect multiple devices simultaneously, enabling usage for children to access online resources while their parents focus on their studies, as seen at Sanctuary for Families

Our clients typically remain in the program for about a year, encompassing classes and internships. After which, we provide them with a hotspot until they secure employment.

Additionally, once they achieve stability, we reallocate the fast and affordable internet to a new client.

Since 2021, Sanctuary for Families has distributed over 100 Mobile Citizen hotspots, facilitating internet access for those in need.

Mobile Citizen internet access empowers those we serve to:

  • Stay connected 24/7 from home or any location where it’s required.
  • Engage in digital literacy programs.
  • Apply for additional welfare services.
  • Bridge the homework gap for children.
  • Develop job skills.
  • Boost overall productivity.

What Plans Can We Offer?

Mobile Citizen hotspots offer internet access across various devices, such as laptops, Chromebooks, and smartphones. Utilizing the T-Mobile network ensures a secure connection. These best affordable internet devices have 5G, 4G LTE, 4G internet, and unlimited data.

Franklin T10

Combining premium design with powerful technology, our device boasts advanced LTE technology and multi-band support for a seamless wireless data connection.

Easy to carry and use, it features an OLED display and operates on its charged battery or when plugged into a power source.

Introducing our latest offer: 4G LTE with a data tethering port, connecting up to 15 devices! Thankfully, affordable high-speed internet is now available at a new low price of just $61. Key features include:

  • 4G LTE with Wi-Fi 5 capacity
  • Ability to connect up to 15 Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • Quick access display on a compact device
  • Long-life battery for continuous, all-day use
  • USB Type C charging/data tethering port

JEXtream 5G RG2100

Quickly and securely connect up to 20 devices to fast internet with our latest offer at just $186. Key features include:

  • Connectivity for up to 20 devices
  • WiFi 6 dual-band technology (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  • Power-bank feature for charging external devices
  • 2.4-inch TFT color display
  • Safe and secure internet connections
  • 1 GB RAM

Inseego 5G MiFi X PRO

Experience affordable internet service with blazing 5G speed while securely connecting up to 32 devices simultaneously with our latest offer. We priced this plan at $295. Key features include:

  • 5G & 4G LTE mobile connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 capacity
  • Ability to connect up to 32 Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • USB-C port for charging and tethering
  • Charging of external devices
  • RJ45 Ethernet port for wired connections
  • 5050 mAh Li-Ion replaceable battery for extended use
  • Support for various 5G bands, including sub-6 and C-band, with customizable combinations

Get Connected With Mobile Citizen 

Unlock the power of connectivity with Mobile Citizen. We’ve got you covered if you’re a nonprofit, educational institution, library, or social welfare agency needing affordable mobile internet.

Our internet affordability program comes with budget-friendly plans and unlimited data. We ensure everyone can access the necessary online resources.

Whether staying connected, accessing educational materials, or applying for essential services, Mobile Citizen supports your mission.

Don’t let connectivity barriers hold you back—reach out to Mobile Citizen today and empower your organization to make a difference in your community. Connect with us now to learn more!