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When Battery Life and Convenience Count, Consider the LinkZone2 Mobile Hotspot

This article was published on:
October 5, 2020

For schools and non-profits working hard to provide at-home or remote Wi-Fi access for mulitiple users, the price per hotspot device is important to consider. Fortunately, the LinkZone2 Mobile Hotspot from Mobile Citizen delivers both affordability and quality features at the same time.

The LinkZone2 Mobile Hotspot connects up to 16 Wi-Fi devices, is smaller than a deck of cards but can deliver download speeds up to 150 MBps and 50 Mbps uploads, under the proper conditions. When it comes to remote learning, the less frustration the better. Quick online transfers are important to students who need to access presentations and school coursework from home and turn in their homework online.
For anyone who can’t plug in, whether they’re in the field or on the go, battery life can also be critical. The LinkZone2 features a 4400 mAh battery that lasts up to 24 hours. It can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices.

Mobile Hotspot Devices from Mobile CitizenAs important as the device is, the Internet service that supports it is essential. Mobile Citizen delivers the LinkZone2 Mobile Hotspot with unlimited Internet service for only $120 per year. With Mobile Citizen, you won’t experience data limits or overage charges. More importantly, your students or field workers should not have their service throttled back because of data limitations. Mobile Citizen is pleased to offer wireless Internet plans that deliver these capabilities to qualified nonprofits and schools, for only $10 per month ($120 paid annually).

For immediate assistance with a new purchase or upgrade, please contact our experts in the Mobile Citizen Service Center at 877-216-9603. Current, approved customers may log in to their account to place an order to upgrade. If your organization has not yet qualified for service, you can start the approval process here.

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