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Case Study

Workforce Development

Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ACS3)
Cleveland, OH

ASC3 Launches Services Call Center Providing Workforce Development Opportunities for Digital Literacy Program Participants

Broadband has become an indispensable driver of economic growth and workforce development, creating opportunities for Americans to research and apply for jobs, complete basic job functions in a range of professions, and learn new skills for career advancement. Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ACS3), a nonprofit inter-generational technology learning center in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, helps those still living on the other side of the digital divide keep up.

More than half of the participants in Ashbury’s programs have an annual household income below $15,000 with few options available to them to learn technology and get access to the internet on their own. Mobile Citizen’s partnership and much-needed affordable internet has been a key component in Ashbury’s ability to offer this new and innovative Services Call Center program.

Ashbury, together with Connect Your Community (CYC), recently launched a Services Call Center offering nonprofit customers basic services such as research design, survey creation, survey programming, survey administration, data analysis, data cleaning, data entry, focus group hosting, focus group moderation, evaluation and report writing.

It doubles as a valuable workforce development opportunity for their 6,000 digital literacy program participants as call center associates are required to have to have digital literacy and other technology skills to be able to participate in the program.
“Not only does this program provide an affordable option for nonprofit organizations, it allows us to employ past and current ASC3  – CYC digital inclusion training participants, underemployed members of the local community and helps to support workforce empowerment efforts through the technology center,” said Wanda Davis, director of ASC3.

For more information on their new Services Call Center program, email Samantha Schartman-Cycyk or call at 216.990.4267.