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Internet for Personal Use

Check Out Our Resellers for an Internet Plan that Works for You

If you are looking for internet for personal use (for you or your family), is a good resource for you or feel free to contact one of our reseller partners below directly.


Nonprofit and Government Internet Programs You Should Know About

Mobile Citizen works with nonprofits, schools, libraries, and social welfare agencies rather than individuals. However, if you are looking for Internet for personal use (for yourself or your family), we work with great reseller partners.

Infographic that shows an icon of three people hovering over a dollar bill on top of text "Our partners who participate in the affordable connectivity program"
Infographic that shows a laptop icon on top of text "Our other reseller partners providing internet devices & services assistance"
Infographic that shows an internet tower icon on top of the text "Government internet programs providing assistance for internet access"

Reseller Partners Participating in the Internet Assistance Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Human-i-t logo: Visit

Human-I-T provides low-cost Internet devices, digital skills training, and tech support for underserved communities. While you can purchase low-cost laptops, tablets, and hotspots at a fraction of the retail price, they offer further discounts for low-income families/individuals, seniors, veterans in needs, people with disabilities, and others. Learn more.

PCs for People logo: Visit

If you own a device, but are looking for a hotspot device, PCs for People offers 4G LTE Internet service solutions. You can make a purchase via or online and receive the device via mail. Learn more.

Our Other Reseller Partners Offering Low-Cost Internet Services and Devices

Connect All logo: Visit

Connect All through Interconnection provides low-income families and individuals with low-cost Internet devices. They ship nationwide. Learn more.

CollegeBuys logo: Visit

CollegeBuys is the only group purchasing program focused exclusively on the needs of community colleges. From software to devices, provides discounts on various educational resources. Learn more.

Looking for Funding? These Government Internet Programs Provide Assistance

Affordable Connectivity Program: A Federal Communications Commission benefit program, the affordable connectivity program is designed to ensure households can afford the broadband they need. Eligible households can get up to $30/month discount for the affordable connectivity program. For qualifying households on tribal land, the discount can be up to $75.

You can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase an Internet-enable device from participating providers in the program.

There is a two-step enrollment program that will help you utilize the affordable connectivity program Internet. Learn more.

  • Lifeline: If you use SNAP, Medicaid, or other qualifying Federal or Tribal programs, you may qualify for Lifeline, a federal benefit that lowers the cost of phone or Internet service. This benefit can be used for phone, Internet, or bundled service. Learn more.

*Government programs and funding change often. For the most up-to-date information on these programs, please visit their websites.

What Mobile Citizen Can Do for Resellers

Internet for personal use access via mobile hotspots

Our Service Pledge to Resellers

Mobile Citizen is committed to developing successful, sustainable partnerships with organizations sharing our mission to close the digital divide and to make affordable internet available for those that need it most. That includes support in the areas of:

  • Needs assessment
  • Comprehensive rollout plan and support
  • Best practices

Internet for Educational Entities, Social Welfare Agencies, and Nonprofits…

On a mission to close the digital divide, Mobile Citizen provides affordable Internet access to bundle with computer equipment, training programs and other projects that bring the Internet to underserved communities. Together we believe we can reach the most people in need.

If you are contacting us as a representative of a nonprofit, school, library, government agency, or other qualified organization you can apply for service on our Get Started page. Once you complete the application, a representative will be in touch.