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Internet for Personal Use

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If you are looking for internet for personal use (for you or your family), is a good resource for you or feel free to contact one of our reseller partners below directly.

Increase the Adoption Rate and Sustainability of Your Digital Divide Program

Mobile Citizen partners with nonprofits, schools, libraries, and social welfare agencies.

For Nonprofits, Educational Entities and Social Welfare Agencies...

on a mission to close the digital divide, Mobile Citizen provides affordable internet access to bundle with computer equipment, training programs and other projects that bring the internet to underserved communities. Together we believe we can reach the most people in need.

If you are contacting us as a representative of a nonprofit, school, library, or government agency, you can apply for service on our Get Started page. Once you complete the application, a representative will be in touch soon.


What Mobile Citizen Can Do for Resellers

Our Service Pledge to Resellers

Mobile Citizen is committed to developing successful, sustainable partnerships with organizations sharing our mission to close the digital divide and to make affordable internet available for those that need it most. That includes support in the areas of:

  • Needs assessment
  • Comprehensive rollout plan and support
  • Best practices