Mobile Citizen hotspots provide internet access on a variety of devices including laptops and smartphones. Our hotspots use Sprint’s network to connect to the internet and provide a secure connection. All devices come with 4G LTE internet, no throttling, and no overage charges.

Franklin R910

Franklin R910

On-the-Go Wireless Access


Connect up to 10 devices
3G and 4G for more accessibility
1.7” Color OLED Screen
Removable battery

Coolpad Surf

Coolpad Surf

High-Speed, Portable Wi-Fi


Connects up to 10 devices
Up to 4G LTE speeds
6.4 hours of continuous battery use
User friendly Web UI management


Important Product Safety Information
Mobile Citizen has noted an increase in the number of device returns of the ZTE Warp due to a swollen battery, which renders this device inoperable. We have also received a very small number of reports of this device catching fire. We have reported this issue to our device provider Sprint and are in the process of reporting it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We will keep our customer apprised of any developments. We encourage all users of this device to read and follow the Quick Start Guide and to report any issues to our Customer Service team as soon as possible.