What We Offer

Affordable Wireless Internet and Hotspots with Unlimited Data

Service includes 4G LTE or 5G Internet Access and No Overage Charges.


Mobile Citizen Direct


/mo * monthly service paid annually ($120) upfront
plus one-time device fee of approx. $75

  • Affordable wireless internet with unlimited data for qualifying nonprofits, schools, libraries, and social welfare agencies
  • Use it as much as you want: No throttling, suspension or overage charges
  • Lightning fast and mobile – take your hotspot anywhere on the T-Mobile network

Mobile Citizen Street Ready


/mo * free for Qualifying Organizations

  • 1 month of renewable, cost-free wireless internet with no data caps and loaned devices for qualifying nonprofits
  • Increase your organizing capability by allowing up to 10 devices in the field to connect to a hotspot at one time
  • Livestream protests, rallies and your organization’s other activities without using your limited resources

Mobile Citizen For Schools


/mo * monthly internet service paid annually ($120) upfront with hotspot device options

  • Wireless internet and mobile hotspot devices with unlimited data for qualifying schools
  • Helps deliver educational services to all teachers and students for distance learning, remote programs and more
  • Enables educational entities to address the digital divide and actively close the homework gap for learners of all ages