Educational Entities

Modern Access for Modern Learning, Without the Red Tape

Today’s learning requires online access at school and at home. Those on the wrong side of the digital divide are being left behind. Mobile Citizen provides affordable wireless internet to educational institutions to deliver services to all students, teachers and administrators no matter where they are.

The best part? Our service has less eligibility restrictions for disadvantaged or at-risk students and we do it all within your budget. Together we believe we can reach the most people in need.

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What Mobile Citizen can do for your organization

We bring you affordable Internet access so your school can:

  • Enable educational programs from field trips to staff in-service days to sporting events
  • Power mobile computer labs
  • Reduce the homework gap — provide students with wireless internet to use at home
  • Equip teachers with wireless internet for lesson planning both at school and at home
  • Support its backend network
  • Enhance staff productivity

Affordable Wireless Internet and Hotspots

As low as $10/month

4G LTE Internet

No Throttling

No Overage Charges

Recent Case Studies

Staff and Student Mobility
University of Illinois-Chicago College of Education
Chicago, IL
“Nearly all of the doctoral students in our urban education leadership program work full-time; and their work tends to be mobile. Reliable Internet access means they can stay connected to [...]