High-speed, Low-cost Wi-Fi Hotspots for Libraries

In today’s digitally connected world, the Internet is a lifeline. Yet millions of people either can’t afford or can’t access Internet service. Library hotspot lending programs help to fuel digital equity and bridge the digital divide by giving patrons a way to take advantage of online training, health information, and tools even when the library is closed. That’s why Mobile Citizen offers affordable mobile internet devices with unlimited high-speed data plans to libraries.  Together, we can bridge the digital divide.

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What Mobile Citizen Can Do for Your Organization

We offer affordable mobile hotspots so you can:

  • Add a library hotspot lending program to your list of learning resources
  • Give patrons access to online community resources, health information, skills’ training, and job search tools from home
  • Provide Wi-Fi hotspot lending without worrying about throttling or data limitations
  • Offer connectivity to seniors, rural, and low-income patrons
  • Reduce the homework gap for students
  • Bridge the digital divides in your community

Wi-Fi Hotspots for Libraries

As low as $10/month

Library hotspot lending programs can help bridge the digital divide for millions of people who don’t have Internet service. Mobile Citizen supports library hotspot lending programs by making Internet access affordable and easy to implement. Libraries can lend patrons mobile hotspots without worrying about how much data they’re using.

4G LTE Internet

No Throttling

No Overage Charges

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